T11SM Interlocking Brick Clamp
1 October, 2015
T11S Sideshifting Fork Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T11R Rotating Fork Clamp

The safest, most reliable method of handling and inverting combinations of palletized and unpalletized products

  • High tensile forks
  • Two piece floating slide bushings
  • Self aligning hydraulic cylinders
  • Light weight slide rail construction



  • Numerous ranges and capacities
  • Special fork sizes
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Basic -non sideshifting
  • Sideshifting
  • Rotating


Totall Rotating Fork Clamps are used extensively for lifting and inverting palletized products of various sizes and shapes.
Hydraulic fork movement allows the forklift operator to position the forks for both wide or narrow pallets without leaving the drivers seat.
Pallet-less products such as bales, cartons or steel/plastic containers can also be picked up by squeezing the forks together, clamping each load, then rotating to the desired position.
The frames of all Totall clamps are constructed from both steel and alloy for a maximum strength to weight ratio.
Many applications can be performed with just this one versatile unit and with the addition of slip-on arms it can be transformed quickly to handle drums, interlocking bricks, paving slabs or other types of products.

Clamping, fork positioning and rotation from the drivers seat!