T14CH Stainless Steel Rotator
1 October, 2015
T14SF Folding Side Fork Rotator
1 October, 2015
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T14S Sideshifting Rotator


  • Replaceable ring-gear insert.
  • Integral sideshifter to reduce overall thickness
  • Cylinder protected at rear
  • Replaceable ring-gear insert*
  • High visibility
  • Easy lubrication
  • Smooth 360 degrees rotation
  • Lower fork-stops to support load during rotation


Totall Sideshifting Rotators are designed specifically to reduce
overall thickness when incorporating sideshift, therefore increasing
residual capacity of the forklift truck.
Other unique features built into all Totall Rotators: Ability to resist
water that comes in contact with the inner ring- gear, and industry
benchmark visibility through the center and sides.
Each unit is built around a patented ring-gear that incorporates a
polyethylene insert instead of ball or roller bearings. This innovation
allows water to pass directly through the center without causing
damage to the bearing race. Inserts are simply and easily replaceable
during normal servicing.
The hydraulic cylinder is placed behind the main frame of the
Rotator for greater protection during load pick up.

Corrosion resistant ring-gear* with replaceable poly insert and sideshifting capability!