T14S Sideshifting Rotator
1 October, 2015
T14 Rotator
1 October, 2015
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T14SF Folding Side Fork Rotator

Corrosion resistance, exceptional visibility with the added capability of supporting the container during inversion


  • Replaceable ring-gear insert.
  • Exceptional visibility.
  • Accessible lubrication points.
  • Smooth 360 degrees rotation.
  • Fast removal of speed reducer
  • for general maintenance.
  • Patented ring-gear design that allows dismantling of inner and outer races.
  • Lower fork-stops to support load during rotation.


  • Numerous carriage widths.
  • Various fork sizes.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • 180 degree stop group


Totall Rotators are designed to withstand extreme conditions with
a minimal amount of maintenance, due to a “patented” removable
insert that replaces ball or roller bearings in the central ring-gear.
Elimination of the balls and the inner seals has dramatically increased
rotator lifespan (protecting it from inner corrosion) while
also increasing operator visibility.
The optional fold-out side stabilizing fork can accomodate the inversion
of less rigid containers that require support during a dumping
operation. After use, this fork can be folded inwards to allow
conventional use of the forklift truck. If the side fork is not required
for extended periods of time, it can quickly be removed, then
replaced when necessary.
For every application there is a Totall Forklift Rotator capable of
outperforming all others.