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1 October, 2015
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1 October, 2015
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T20 Scoop Bucket

Converts a conventional forklift truck into a hydraulically powered front end loader

  • Smooth hydraulic forward dumping
  • Hydraulic lock valve to prevent forward drift
  • Full width abrasion resistant blade
  • Heavy duty chrome cylinder rods



  • Special widths and capacities
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Carriage mounted (standard)
  • Fork mounted
  • Shaft mounted


Totall Scoop Buckets can be installed on any standard forklift in a matter of seconds converting it to a hydraulically powered front end loader.
Used to transport and dump various products such as sand, earth or gravel this versatile bucket can be stopped and held in any dumping position, allowing controlled release of the load.
Fast removal of the bucket allows the forklift to be returned quickly to its more conventional use.

Make short work of loading and unloadingall types of bulk materials!