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1 October, 2015
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1 October, 2015
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T23 Load Stabilizer

Safely secures unstable loads during transportation within the plant

  • Adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Self aligning cylinder
  • Clear view frame
  • Rubber faced clamp pad
  • Cartridge style lock valve
  • Tubular/welded construction
  • Self aligning pivoting pad



  • Special ranges and pad sizes
  • 3 position pressure reducing valve
  • Rigid pad
  • High capacity frame stabilizer
  • Integral sideshift


Totall Load Stabilizers are designed to retain unstable fork mounted loads that would normally tend to shift or slide during transportation from one location to another.
The rubber faced pad is hydraulically lowered onto the top surface of the load and gently squeezed until the correct pressure is reached and the product is secured.
All Load Stabilizers are manufactured to suit particular applications.

Securely clamps load between pad and forks for safe transportation of large and unstable products!