T30 Fork Positioner
1 October, 2015
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T46 Stationary Load Inverter w/ 2 moving platens
2 October, 2015
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T26 Die Handler

The safe reliable method of loading and unloading large dies

  • Smooth hydraulic push pull slide assembly
  • Dies can be positioned either from left to right or front to back
  • Dual fork pockets entry
  • Welded construction



  • Higher capacities
  • Larger frames
  • Replaceable high tensile slide strips


Totall Hydraulic Fork Mounted Die Handlers enable a standard forklift truck to safely load or unload large heavy dies.
With the die handler mounted to the forks and elevated to the correct height a chain or sling can be wrapped around the die, and in turn, secured to the cross slide posts. Activating the push pull assembly pulls the die on to the flat retrieval surface ready for transportation to a storage area.
To store the die, hydraulically push forward with the push plate until it is secured in a rack or other location, ready for future use.

Make light work of die changing in confined areas!