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1 October, 2015
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1 October, 2015
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T28 Snow Plow

T28 Snow Plow

Temporarily converts a standard forklift truck into an efficient snow clearing vehicle

  • Spring loaded blade that will trip forward when encountering an unexpected resistance
  • Manual angling of blade to clear a swath to the right, left or center
  • Shear pins provided to protect the plow and the driver when overloaded
  • Mounts to any standard forklift truck



  • Hydraulically operated slewing from the drivers seat
  • Wider blade models available


Models available

  • Carriage mounted
  • Fork mounted


Totall Snow Plows are designed for temporary use when mounted to any pneumatic tired forklift yard truck.
The angled blade is capable of cutting a swath to the right, left or on center. The spring loaded trip blade provides protection for both the driver and forklift if a snow covered resistance is encountered.
Solid steel construction, fast mounting and built in safety features make short work of clearing large snow covered areas.

Due to lack of traction, snow plows are not suitable for mounting onto cushion tired forklift trucks!