T32B Basic General Purpose Clamp
1 October, 2015
T18R Rotating Overhead Cube Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T32 Basic Gaylord Clamp with Adjustable Forks

Safe transportation of heavy loads

  • Adjustable side platens to support load during transportation
  • Adjustable forks to support load
  • Self centering hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel / alloy frame construction
  • Rubber faced pads keep load square



  • Rotation for load dumping or inverting 180 degrees rotation
  • Special ranges and capacities
  • Numerous pad configurations
  • Drop-forks for extra clearance under pads


T32 Series Basic Gaylord Clamps are designed for transporting various unstable palletized products. The load is carried by the forks and kept square by the hydraulically adjustable rubber faced pads that gently squeeze from both sides.
When clamped the unitized load is secure and prevented from lateral shifting that is caused by the movement of the forklift truck when cornering, stopping or starting.
Totall Gaylord Clamps are simple to install on any forklift truck allowing the operator to move safely around the warehouse with the load completely under control at all times.

Safe transportation of heavy unstable loads.