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1 October, 2015
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T34 Layer Picker Clamp

T34 Layer Picker Clamp

The only reliable method of clamping individual or multiple layers of bottled and canned products

  • Tubular steel fabrication
  • Smooth slide arm action allows closer stacking between loads
  • Top cylinder access for easy maintenance
  • High visibility
  • Easy lubrication
  • Fast underslung fork mounting



  • Numerous ranges to suit every load size
  • Depths -up to half a pallet


Totall Layer Picker Clamp is the “original patented” hydraulic fork mounted clamp designed for handling single or multiple layers of canned or bottled substances in Beverage Warehouses.
Its function is to efficiently form a full pallet of mixed layers consisting of various products, a task that up until now could only be performed manually.
To achieve this, the clamp is lowered over the loaded pallet until the correct number of layers is reached- then clamped with four rubber faced pads. These layers can then be lifted and transported to the next pallet for placement on top of other cartons , forming a mixed pallet.
Totall has made this clamp easy to install onto any forklift truck – it simply hangs beneath the forks, thus benefiting the operator’s visibility during alignment and load pick-up. When the clamp is no longer required for layer picking, it can quickly be removed and stored, reverting the forklift to conventional use.
It is estimated that Distribution Warehouses handling cartoned, bottled or canned products would expect to see a return of investment in approximately 3 to 6 months after the purchase of this clamp.

Efficient layer picking to quickly form mixed pallets