T3-175 Textile Boom
1 October, 2015
T46 Load Inverter with Forks and Stabilizer Plate
1 October, 2015
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T46 Gaylord Inverting Pinch Clamp with Adjustable Forks

Safe transfer of heavy loads from unstable containers

  • Automatically adjusted side platens “pinch” the load during rotation
  • Rotation 360 degrees in either direction
  • Forged fork blades
  • Steel / alloy frame construction
  • Single function hydraulic operation



  • 180 degrees rotation
  • Rubber faced general purpose pads
  • Fold-in/ fold-out side forks for conventional
  • forklift use when not inverting loads


Totall Gaylord Inverters are designed to automatically clamp and invert unstable Gaylord’s without crushing or distorting the sides of the container. By automatically trapping the Gaylord between the platens during rotation, numerous types of products can easily be transferred from one container without causing damge due to load shifting.
Each Gaylord Inverter is manufactured with side platens or forks that gently pinch inwards as the load turns retaining the container during inversion. The inner forks are manually set to support the load at all times. By reversing the rotation and unclamping the platens, the empty container can now be placed in its desired
location for future use.
Totall Gaylord Inverters are simple to install on any forklift truck with only one hydraulic function required to operate this two function attachment. The unigue design saves on an expensive single hydraulic installation kit and the high cost of a two function hydraulic attachment that is normally used to achieve the same goal.

Gaylord inversion without destroyng containers!