T46 Load Inverter with Platens and Adjustable Forks
1 October, 2015
T23 Load Stabilizer
1 October, 2015
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T46 Load Inverter with Forks

T46 Load Inverter with Forks

Takes the manhandling out of rotating heavy loads

  • Positive clamping of load
  • Smooth 180 degrees of rotation
  • Quality fork blades
  • Modular alloy/steel frame
  • Self aligning cylinders
  • Mounts to any conventional forklift truck


Totall Load Inverters are designed for hydraulically transferring various palletized products from one pallet to another without manually lifting individual cases or bags for re-stacking.
Each load inverter is manufactured with forks on the top and bottom of the unit, the lower forks support the palletized load and the upper forks the extra pallet. When clamped together the load is secured between the two pallets and can then be inverted through 180 degrees, transferring the load from one pallet to the other. By unclamping, the load can now be placed in its desired location and the original pallet can be stored for future use.
Other uses include the replacement of broken or damaged products at the bottom of the stack and re-settling liquids prior to shipment to retail stores.
Totall Load Inverters are simple to install on any forklift truck allowing the operator to hydraulically transfer products from one pallet to another from the safety of the drivers seat.

Safe pallet transfer or inversion of heavy loads!