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T46-34 _Render-1
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T46 Stationary Load Inverter w/ 2 moving platens

Safe inversion of heavy palletized loads


  • Side platen to support load during rotation
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Forged fork blades
  • Self centering hydraulic cylinders
  • Steel / alloy frame construction



  • Stationary load inverter with power pack
  • 180 degrees rotation
  • Special ranges and capacities
  • Rubber faced general purpose pads


T46 Series Stationary Load Inverters are designed for transferring various palletized products from one pallet to another without manually lifting individual cases or bags for re-stacking.  Each load inverter is manufactured with a large side plate for retaining the load during rotation or for “re-squaring” product that has shifted during transport.

When clamped, the load is secured between the platens, then inverted through 180 degrees.  By reversing the procedure and unclamping the platens, the load is now transferred back to its original orientation.

This unit can also be used to replace a pallet, or for transferring product from pallets to slip sheet, re-settling liquids or for removing damaged products at the bottom of the stack.

Operation is performed from the forklift driver’s seat by operating a push button station located overhead and to the side of the driver.
Manipulate heavy loads without manual re-packing!