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1 October, 2015
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T48 Fork Mounted Spreader Beam

The safest, most reliable method of handling wide unstable loads such as pipe or extrusions

  • Outer forks to suit appropriate load depth
  • Heavy duty fully welded beam construction
  • Integral inner fork pockets to suit original forks
  • Integral backrest for load alignment



  • Carriage mounted models to suit all forklift trucks
  • Extra forks for more unstable loads
  • Manual telescopic outer fork movement
  • Hydraulic outer fork movement
  • Numerous capacities and fork lengths


Things we need to know to quote you a Totall Spreader Beam:

  • Capacity of forklift?
  • Width of load?
  • Depth of load?
  • Weight of load?
  • Outer fork spread required?
  • Product being handled?


Totall Fork Mounted Spreader Beams are a simple method of occasionally widening the fork spread of a conventional forklift truck to accommodate very wide, flexible or unstable loads.
Quickly mounted, by driving into the centre fork pockets and securing the unit by means of pins, the extended fork spread now allows four point pick up of the load eliminating damage due to sagging or bowing.
Once removed, the forklift truck coverts to its conventional use in a matter of seconds.

Due to the numerous different applications, there are no standard models.
Please contact Totall Attachments for specifications of a unit to suit your particular requirement!