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1 October, 2015
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1 October, 2015
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T49 Double – Single Pallet Handler

The safest, most efficient method of handling multiple pallets

  • Fast handling of single or double pallets
  • Cuts loading or unloading time in half
  • Eliminates off-centre loading of forklift truck
  • Overall width reduced when carrying a single load
  • Heavy duty integral load backrest
  • Moveable inner forks



  • Sideshifting frame
  • Extra tall load backrest
  • Various fork sizes


Totall Double-Single Pallet Handlers are designed to dramatically increase productivity by allowing the forklift operator the option of handling one or two pallets at a time.
For handling two adjacent pallets the outer forks are hydraulically opened to give maximum support to the wide load. For single pallet pick up the outer forks are fully closed ensuring that the load is always centered on the forklift truck.
With the sideshift option installed, load placement and pick up is simplified and misalignment of the pallets eliminated.
All load backrests are of heavy duty construction and are integrated into the outer fork assembly, providing excellent stability when handling wide unstable loads.

Reduces trailer loading and unloading time by half!