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1 October, 2015
T32B Basic General Purpose Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T53 Marble Extraction Clamp

T53 Marble Extraction Clamp

A reliable, controlled method of securely clamping crated marble or stone slabs

  • Mounts to any standard forklift truck
  • High-mount clamp arms for extra stability
  • Clamps and stabilizes upper part of crated slab while fixed platen lifts one end.
  • Enables forklift to drag crated slabs to new location
  • Lift chain anchor point on both arms



  • Full carriage hydraulic sideshifting clamp
  • Non hydraulic floating clamp
  • Rubber faced pad adapters for clamping polished surfaces


Totall Marble Extraction Clamps have the capability of unloading
marble and stone slabs from closed top containers.
This clamp stabilizes the load at the top while the lower single
platen lifts one end to extract the crated slab. During the extraction,
movement of the load is fully controlled by the forklift operator
seated far away from danger.
The optional “hydraulic full carriage sideshifting clamp” can load or
unload marble easily, either from the center or sides of the container.
The unique floating clamp design can also sideshift simply by allowing
the clamp to find its own clamping alignment without the
use of expensive hydraulic accessories.
Built for safety, all marble extraction clamps are designed with
lock valves to ensure that the arms stay firmly closed until the slab
is securely positioned and stable on the ground.

Heavy marble or stone slab unloading made easy!