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1 October, 2015
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T53 Marble Extraction Clamp

T53 Marble Extraction Clamp

Totall T53 Marble Slab Extraction Clamps are designed to safely speed up the extraction of stone slabs from closed top shipping containers. This unit allows for safe, reliable and controlled gripping of crated material, and eliminates the injury risks associated with unloading broken crates or shifted loads.

Designed to lift one end of a crate using the fork while the gripping arms stabilize the load, the T53 enables the operator to safely drag the crate from the container in an upright position.
Integrated side-shifting allows the attachment to be positioned against either side of the container. Best in class arm clamping range, and ample lateral movement provide maximum flexibility to unload even the most challenging container. Six rows of gripping ribs on the arms adeptly hold a variety of crate configurations, and the addition of non-marking urethane
adapter pads provide grip directly on the stone surface in situations where the crating has been compromised.
For safety, clamping is hydraulically locked to ensure load stability during the extraction process, and the low-profile design provides excellent sight-line visibility to the driver.


  • – Low profile side arms for enhanced visibility
  • – Clamp range 9” to 26” (measured inside to inside of arms at shoulder)
  • – Rack and Pinion Integral side-shift 17″ left/right (34” total side-shifting)
  • – 6 Rib pairs on face of arms for positive grip on wood crating
  • – Body eyelets for lift chain attachment
  • – Non-marking pad adaptors to enable gripping directly on stone surface

NOTE: Capacities shown above refer to lifting only one end of the load.

For maximum utility, an ITA Class III Carriage forklift with a minimum of 8,000 lbs @ 24” LC capacity, which also will require a mast height of less than 88” (to enter a container) and 2 spare hydraulic functions.
Integration to the forklift requires hydraulic hose connections from the rear mounted attachment manifold to the forklift carriage hydraulic ports.
Forklift capacity plate de-rating showing the combined lifting capacity of the forklift/attachment combination must be obtained through a qualified forklift dealer.