T5 Mechanical Boom
1 October, 2015
T25 Coil Carrier
1 October, 2015
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T5C Carriage Mounted Boom

All welded tubular construction for heavy duty applications


  • Mounts to any standard forklift truck
  • 360°degree swivel hook with safety latch
  • Multi hook locations along length of boom



  • Hydraulic raise and lower capability
  • Extra swivel hooks
  • Non standard mounting
  • Numerous capacities and boom lengths


Totall Carriage Mounted Booms are manufactured
from tubular steel and high quality steel plate.
Each boom comes equipped with numerous hook locations,
for single or double slinging operations or for stabilizing
the load during transportation.
Hydraulic operation is also available for lifting or lowering
the the main boom, eliminating manual handling and
increasing safety.
A hydraulic lock valve is provided within the hydraulic
circuitry to prevent movement of the boom under extreme
Numerous capacities are available to suit every style of
forklift truck.

Heavy duty boom for heavy duty applications!