T8B Basic Bale Clamp
1 October, 2015
T7R Rotating Hydraulic Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T7P Hydraulic Pole Clamp

A versatile clamp used for lifting rolls of paper or other cylindrical products- also for squeezing and loosening compacted bagged materials and chemicals

  • High tensile slide rails
  • Two piece floating slide bushings
  • Self aligning hydraulic cylinders
  • Flat face construction to prevent product damage
  • Compact hydraulic valving with single piece cartridges



  • Numerous ranges and capacities
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Basic -non sideshifting
  • Sideshifting


Totall Pole Clamps are used extensively for lifting cylindrical
products with numerous diameters.
Each clamp has a pair of shoulders that both carry replaceable
pole arms. These smooth rounded pole arms open and close
hydraulically, adjusting to various widths allowing small or large
roll pick up. This clamp also has the added capability of
squeezing compacted bags of chemicals, loosening the
contents and allowing free flow during product transfer.
The frames of all Totall clamps are constructed from both
steel and alloy for a maximum strength to weight ratio, while
the high tensile support rails sliding on polyethylene bushings
provide minimal friction during opening or closing.
Hydraulic valving is designed with single piece cartridges for
fast replacement in the field during service. All clamps have
floating cylinders, designed to eliminate side stresses on the
hydraulic seals and cylinder rods during clamping operations.

Clamping and squeezing of numerous products