T8R Rotating Bale Clamp
1 October, 2015
T8B Basic Bale Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T8S Sideshifting Bale Clamp

The safest, most reliable method of handling all types of baled products

  • High tensile slab arm
  • Two piece floating slide bushings
  • Self aligning hydraulic cylinders
  • Light weight slide rail construction



  • Numerous ranges and capacities
  • Special bale arm sizes
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Basic -non sideshifting
  • Sideshifting
  • Rotating
  • Extra wide range – for cotton bale handling


Totall Hydraulic Bale Clamps are used extensively for lifting
pallet-less bales of products such as cotton, fabric, cardboard, or
pulp paper. The frames of all Totall bale clamps are constructed
from both steel and alloy for a maximum strength to weight ratio.
Slim tapered high tensile steel slab-arms incorporated into this
clamp, allows close stacking of bales, providing the utmost utilization
of warehouse and yard space.

Handles bales of various types of materials!