T11B Basic Fork Clamp
1 October, 2015
T9PD Double Width Carton Clamp
1 October, 2015
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T9R Rigid Arm Carton Clamp

The safest, most reliable method of handling consistently sized and uniformly stacked cartons

  • Rigid rubber faced pads vulcanized to high tensile steel load arms
  • Two piece floating slide bushings
  • Self aligning hydraulic cylinders
  • Light weight slide rail construction
  • Full width load backrest



  • Numerous ranges and capacities
  • Special pad sizes
  • Quick disconnect mounting


Models available

  • Standard sideshifting
  • Extra wide range – for double handling


Totall Rigid Arm Carton Clamps are used extensively for lifting and stacking uniformly stacked pallet-less products such as refrigerators, washers and dryers.
The frames of these clamps are constructed from both steel and alloy for a maximum strength to weight ratio. The slim, rigid pads are front tapered to sqeeze effortlessly between closely stacked loads.
Vulcanized rubber faced pads are designed to gently handle various products stored in confined areas, while also reducing damage significantly.
Warehouse space can be utilized to the fullest when using this versatile clamp.

Secure clamping without product damage!